Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here. First, let me introduce myself…

I start every morning with a cup of Mint + Licorice Tea, am unapologetically obsessed with white linens and tacos [not together of course!], read every creative entrepreneurial book I can get my hands on, dream of driving a vintage mercedes drop top, collect chinese ginger jars, love lingering dinner parties and a penchant for helping creative women entrepreneurs build and succeed in their businesses.

…which means you’ll find all sorts of good information here on how to start, build and grow your business! You’ll also find pretty interiors, yummy recipes, travel guides and info about products I love.

I started Luxe + Lillies as a blog in my senior year of college as a project when blogging was just starting to become a thing. It became an obsession and planted a passion in me for connecting with other #girlbosses in creative businesses. In the past 5 years, I offered website design services, opened a successful personalized stationery and paper business, styled national ad campaigns and consulted on all things blogging and small lifestyle business.

That’s how I got here. After years of doing different things I liked- I gained the clarity to move forward doing the one thing I love: Helping creative, entrepreneurial women build a brand they love and succeed!

That’s also why I know how to help you- I’ve started businesses with less than $200, I’ve been up until 2 am shipping orders, have worked 14 hour days on my feet in heels, and been frustrated by setting up websites for days at a time.   

The lackluster parts of your business are what help to build your brand. Without those fundamental building blocks, you’re basically shooting your arrow at a non-existent target. 

Through simple, highly informative courses and workbooks – I want to help you build a strong, successful brand that lets you be the #girlboss we all know you are!