I don’t know about you, but creatively my brain just does not operate in a linear motion. One minute I’m looking at the plants in my house going “I really need a cactus, ‘Marc – Cactus’ are so cool, we need a cactus.'” to the next minute thinking “How much longer is it going to take to grow my hair? I want a killer braid”.

Instead of flitting from one thought to the next without remembering where these ideas came from, I’ve decided to share them here. I’ll keep it short and sweet in the hopes that maybe a few of these items will inspire you, too!

inspired moments 4:13



Cactus’ want one, need one. Could these Cactus gardens I’ve been seeing all over instagram be any cooler?

Annie over at MontgomeryFest is one talented lady and her whimsical brush calligraphy makes me want to run right out and pick up some brush pens.

I purged nearly my entire house last weekend. I hoped it would look more like this.

Since getting home I’ve made a point to see my girlfriends, drink wine and talk.

It’s so life-giving. As mentioned above I’m growing my hair out really long because all I really want is an epic braid.

Being Vegan can be hard at first, these oatmeal cookies [sans egg] are making it a teensy bit [ok a lot!] easier!

Currently crushing on easy spring outfits with ladylike details.

Always plotting my next getaway. Andalusia is climbing the list.


So tell me, what’s inspiring you right now?

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