It could be the perpetually gray skies or because we’ve been away from home most of the last 3 months, but I’m feeling inspired to make some small changes around the house after the New Year – mainly in the form of paint. The gorgeous but dark navy paint in our itty bitty powder room feels so. dang. heavy.  I can’t get enough of the airy, light, naturally inviting California Cool spaces crafted by Amber over at Amber Interiors. Her designs are decidedly minimalist, but entirely not at the same time. Heres what I’m thinking…

california cool bathroom

White paint. It’s the palate, the essential first step and it has to be a perfect, bright white.

The rug is item numero dos. A pretty kilim is where its at. They punch up the color and add character. The size and color options at Lulu & Georgia are hard to beat – I like this one!

california cool bathroom sconce

What is it about glass vintage sconces that somehow feel beach? Is it only me? Either way, the room needs more light and I like the uniqueness of a vintage bulb!

california cool bathroom ladder turkish towels

Natural woods are really what warm these spaces up and I like what they lend. Our powder room doesn’t have any already occuring natural elements so I’ve ordered this fun bamboo ladder to display a few turkish towels I picked up in some of my favorite colors.

california cool bathroom plant

It’s time for the prim and proper orchid to retire and be replaced by something more organic and free flowing. the idea of something tall that reaches its way up the wall and fills the space with life is extra exciting to me. A few easy branches in a simple container and voila!

california cool bathroom art

Finally, some great art that also adds color is absolutely necessary. I inherited a stunning Otomi from my late grandmother that I plan to use, but I think these palms, beach prints, or vintagy texts would be equally welcomed.

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