As 2015 winds down and the promises of a New Year loom, many of us are taking stock of our lives, exercise habits and work. I certainly don’t have any gems of wisdom for you when it comes to exercise routines, but may have a few when it comes to work…

If you’re like me [and nearly every client I work with] you’re already heaping things onto your plate for 2016. Its going to be a year bigger and badder than every before right? I’m totally with you, but I’m also a fan of stripping the bulk away and going back to the basics before you can build up again.

It’s completely up to us what we choose to do/make/put out into the world with our time. Before you fill up your calendar for the first few weeks of 2016, take the next 10 minutes to gain some serious clarity about where you’re at and where you’re going… 

  1. What are three things I do well in my business?
  2. What are three things I do because I feel like they will lead to success?
  3. What are three things I could eliminate doing everyday because they no longer serve me/my business?

When you’ve come to some conclusions on the three questions above, use these actionable tips to be more productive in 2016…

     4. What are two ways I could expand upon/highlight/capitalize on the things I do well?

     5. Are the the things I’m doing to garner success actually converting to success? [Use cold, hard numbers  here!]

     6. Eliminate the three things that no longer serve you or your business! TODAY. 

You work for yourself because you wanted to run the show, right? If you continue devoting time to the things that don’t benefit you or your business, you’re taking time away from the efforts that you do enjoy/make your business profitable. Take the time you have freed up and focus it towards the things you have outlined in #4. Passion is power, friends. It’s the fuel that drives many entrepreneurs to success and I hope 2016 is everyone’s best year yet!

2016 planner download

Finally, because there’s nothing better than feeling like you’re on the right track and starting the year out with a fresh planner- I’m making the 2-in-1 Personal/Business Planner that I developed for my own use available for free download! 

Here are the downloads:

7×9 Daily Planner Page

7×9 Weekly Planner Pages

Full Daily Planner Page

Full Weekly Planner Pages

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  • thanks for stopping by my blog – i’m so glad i get to discover yours now. i absolutely love it!! though, I’m sad….the download links aren’t working for me :/

    • Hey Annie! Thanks so much for the heads up! Its probably because I deleted them off Dropbox since they were labeled for January. I’ll get some up soon to fill in your own month!